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Founder’s Corner – The AHA of Change

Catherine Pulsifer is a published author who shares the many hurdles she overcame in her professional career. She has a beautiful quote that says, “One of the best lessons you can learn in life, is to master how to remain calm.” I recently attended a nine day silent meditation retreat where calm was a huge takeaway for me. I also experienced deepening concentration and focus. I had greater access to insights far deeper than I recall ever having before. It put me in touch with the countless women who have contributed to shaping my life and my work. And with that we celebrate March beginning with Women’s Month.

As secondary celebrations this month there’s also National Nutrition Month. Employee Appreciation Day and National Day of Unplugging, both celebrated on the 1st of March. Although I look at these one day celebrations like birthdays. Celebrate them all month! I encourage you to do the same. There’s also the International Day of Happiness.

What’s significant about these celebrations to Triple Axel Executive Coaching? For one, the majority of my career has been centered on women. So this month is particularly special for me. When it comes to nutrition, Joe Bastianich who’s an American restaurateur and winemaker says, “When I stopped looking at food as a reward or celebration and began looking at food as energy to fuel my athletic ambitions, that really kind of changed the whole world for me. That was the real AHA moment.” I love that quote because it really speaks to another quote I love which is, “When you change the way you look at things, things change.”

I unplugged for 10 days in honor of the National Day of Unplugging and in celebration of it. Then there was the International Day of Happiness which is what this retreat really led to for me around personal restoration and having a greater sense of happiness.

Hi I’m Byron Darden welcoming you to another edition of Leading with Purpose on Purpose. In this installment of our continuing series on Transitions we focus our attention on The AHA Moment of Change. You know, my greatest continually evolving AHA is what I learn each month as I prepare my blogs for publication. It is my hope that you will learn just as much as I did.


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Moments of Clarity: Discovering the Power of AHA

In our lives, some moments stand out – times when everything clicks into place. We see things with a clarity that eluded us before.  These “AHA moments” have a unique ability to shape our understanding and set us on paths of self-discovery.

This month, we’ll uncover the essence of AHA moments—from subtle insights to profound revelations. Whether in groundbreaking scientific discoveries or personal experiences, these moments transcend boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on our lives.

Join us as we delve into the origin and impact of these transformative moments, exploring the dynamic relationship between intuition and intellect. From historical turning points to personal growth, AHA moments are the sparks that ignite our quest for knowledge and understanding.

Get ready for a journey through the landscapes of revelation, where the boundaries of what we know are expanded, and moments of sudden clarity redefine our perspectives. As you join us, take a moment to reflect on your own AHA moments, recognizing their profound influence on the human experience.

What are these AHA moments? Continue to Insights and Emotional Realizations.

Insights and Emotional Realizations

An “AHA moment” is more than just a serendipitous flash of insight; it’s a powerful catalyst for change, a sudden and unexpected emotional realization that ushers in a deeper understanding or a fresh perspective. These moments of clarity, often accompanied by a profound sense of enlightenment, have the potential to reshape our thinking and propel us toward growth.

For many of us, AHA moments seem to occur organically, catching us off guard with their sudden impact. They manifest during times of reflection or in the midst of navigating challenges, offering a unique lens through which we can view a situation or concept. These unplanned revelations have the power to shift our perspectives, leading to a newfound clarity that can be transformative.

Contrary to the belief that AHA moments are solely products of happenstance, they can also be intentionally cultivated. Choosing a deliberate path, committing to collecting data, and planning for an AHA in advance are strategies employed to engineer these moments. Consider the metaphor of the overnight sensation in the entertainment industry – an actor strategically planning and executing steps to seemingly burst onto the scene. Likewise, the self-made millionaire meticulously plans and adapts, implementing backup strategies when faced with unexpected challenges.

In the pursuit of our goals, unexpected obstacles often force us to activate our ability to think on our feet. Spontaneity becomes crucial as we navigate changes in direction or unexpected shifts in our plans. Pivoting becomes a necessity – a skill honed through adapting to choices that might not lead us exactly where we initially expected.

AHA moments are, at their core, emotional reactions. By understanding the emotional journey users undertake, intentional AHA moments can be strategically crafted, enriching the user experience and fostering a deeper connection.

How does the brain and technology work together to create AHA moments? Learn more about The Eureka Effect.

The Eureka Effect

Termed the “Eureka effect,” AHA moments are closely associated with sudden realizations that lead to breakthroughs. This phenomenon is not confined to personal experiences alone; it permeates various fields, including technology. A closer look at intentional AHA moments in technology reveals how emotions play a pivotal role in these breakthroughs. The intentional creation of AHA moments for consumers, as explored in the realm of technology, showcases the profound impact that planned insights can have on user experiences.

When the connection between the heart and the brain joins forces with the body in a fluid state, the outcome is what is called the eureka effect. The bright idea emerges. It’s about being in alignment with your purpose. This is the moment when our mind, body, and soul calibrate with one another, leading to more idyllic circumstances. Think of it in terms of the brain receiving signals from the heart that together fall into synchronicity with our physiology (functional body parts). 

Of course, our educational experiences, our ability to think critically, and our understanding of data and science are all significant and essential elements that give us the framework to articulate, define, and execute our vision. Yet the epiphany emanates from the heart and is fueled by its intuition. True visionary leadership develops inside the heart, not the brain. And it is there for each of us to grasp…we simply need to be aware of how to access it. Access is the key to getting to the heart of what is important. Then we are more effectively able to understand why its importance matters.

Set yourself up for more AHA moments in AHA’s are No Accident.

Opening Your Mind to New Ideas

In the dynamic journey towards open-mindedness, arming yourself with effective tools and adopting practical tips can pave the way for transformative shifts. Here are ten actionable steps to become more open-minded:

  1. Be Aware of Your Biases: Acknowledge and confront your biases head-on. Understanding where your predispositions lie is the first step toward overcoming them.
  2. Consider the Opposing Viewpoint: Actively engage with perspectives that differ from your own. Particularly with clients and team members. This broadens your understanding and fosters a more inclusive mindset.
  3. Practice Generous Interpretation: Assume that people have positive intentions. Cultivating a positive outlook enables you to approach discussions and disagreements with empathy.
  4. Ask Questions: Be curious. Asking questions encourages dialogue and allows you to gain deeper insights into diverse viewpoints.
  5. Think About the Neutral Viewpoint: Deliberately consider perspectives that fall in the middle ground. This helps in fostering a balanced understanding of various issues.
  6. Make New Connections: Expand your social circles and professional networks. Interacting with a diverse range of people exposes you to different ideas and experiences.
  7. Experience Different Media: Diversify your sources of information. Consuming a variety of media ensures a well-rounded perspective on current events and issues.
  8. Join a New Group: Participate in activities or groups that are outside your comfort zone. Engaging with new communities introduces fresh perspectives.
  9. Reframe Negative Thoughts: Transform negative thoughts into constructive ones. This shift in mindset contributes to a more open and positive outlook.
  10. Acknowledge You Are Learning: Embrace the fact that learning is a continuous process. Acknowledge that your beliefs and understanding can evolve with new information.

Exercise: Inspiring “AHA!” Moments

Unlocking those coveted “AHA!” moments involve intentional exercises that encourage a shift in focus. Here are strategies to inspire moments of insight:

  • Zone Out and Focus In Spend time in solitude, focusing on your inner life of physical sensations. Eliminate external stimuli to allow yourself to let go of thoughts to get in touch with what you are experiencing. One way to accomplish this is to spend time out in nature. This will foster an optimal environment for present-moment freedom.
  • Allow Your Mind to Wander: Embrace wandering thoughts. This seemingly unstructured mental state often triggers insightful revelations and connections.
  • Avoid Overscheduling Your Day: Create downtime in your schedule. Allowing moments for daydreaming fosters a creative space where new ideas can flourish.
  • Foster Happiness: Cultivate happiness in your life. A positive mindset provides the mental space for insights to emerge, leading to eureka moments.
  • Lift Your Spirits in Low Moments: When feeling under the weather, engage in activities that uplift your mood. Whether it’s reading an inspiring book, going for a walk in nature, or spending time with a friend or supportive community, these actions contribute to a brighter perspective.
  • Take a Necessary Nap: Recognize when you need a break. A short nap can rejuvenate your mind, promoting mental clarity and openness to new ideas.

By incorporating these practical tools, tips, and exercises into your daily routine, you can actively cultivate an open mind and create an environment conducive to those invaluable “AHA!” moments. Think of engaging in these activities as restorative self-care.

Let me tell you a story in Navigating Transitions: From Setbacks to Breakthroughs.

Navigating Transitions: From Setbacks to Breakthroughs

AHA moments are a regular occurrence in my life. Someone recently asked the question, how does faith help me in tough times? My response was automatic. Tough times typically show up when I think I’ve reached a dead end. Or when I arrive at a crossroads where there doesn’t appear to be a “right” choice. These situations are what I refer to as setbacks or breakdowns after which follows a breakthrough.

You may recall my November 2023 blog on Leadership and Resilience where I write about the 5 Tips To Overcome Setbacks. It was such a powerful topic for me to write about because my chosen careers all tend to have a high level of rejection and risk associated. Facing setbacks and breakdowns are built-in components that go with the industry. One such setback triggered the writing of this series on transitions.

It is  January 10, 2022, when I receive an email from my trademark attorney letting me know the renewal paperwork with the US Patent and Trademark Office is due one year from now. “I went to your website and it does not appear as if you are using that mark to provide services anymore”, shares my attorney. This claim is baffling to me. “What do you mean I’m not using the mark? It’s printed on all my documents, on every page of my website, and is the name on the company checking account. There’s not a single example I know of that isn’t identified under Triple Axel Executive Coaching, LLC.”

What I do not realize is that the name is not in use for marketing in commerce. Aha, I fully understand the issue. Deer in the headlights! I feel my heart begin to race. Sweat breaks out on my forehead. The muscles in my neck and shoulders tense as I sense panic throughout my body as I learn the news. What do I do? This familiar question emerges from my thinking which fortunately leads into a series of steps that outline a transition in the making.

As each of the next nine months unfolds,  I begin the work of reimagining my website, determining a new color scheme, and figuring out an array of brand elements including the design of a new logo. For a moment I face the reality of time and a small fortune, gone. Now I’m overhauling my entire online presence to become compliant.

What I have to accomplish in order to make this pivot, is just about everything you are reading thus far in the sections leading up to this point. In one year I go through an in-depth transition to make the change from just ByronDarden.com to TripleAxelec.com.

Three days before the deadline for filing my trademark renewal paperwork I go live, as we say on the Net. For the next twelve months, I will go through an indescribable transformation, sparking this series on Transitions debuting  December 1, 2023.

Lesson Learned: Life is impermanent. As every moment passes we become more in touch with the reality that nothing stays the same. We must remain adaptable. Everything always changing is one of the most significant ways we know we are alive and living in the impermanence of the present moment. Avoiding change is to cease the action of living.

Learn about Insights in Everyday Scenarios.

Insights in Everyday Scenarios

Let’s pose an example where you might experience an AHA moment. You have a website and are writing a monthly blog.  Consistently, you have about 100 clicks a month.  You decide to shake things up a bit with a new topic or by adding graphics instead of just text.  The next month, your readership jumps to 500.  AHA, you think to yourself, let me do more of that.  

According to the Harvard Business Review, those brilliant “AHA!” moments that reshape our thinking tend to happen unexpectedly. They occur when our minds are quiet and engaged in unrelated activities, not when we’re actively searching for them. Creating an atmosphere of silence and solitude can enhance the chances of experiencing these transformative insights.

Abraham Maslow, a humanistic psychologist, delved into peak experiences, describing them as invaluable and life-changing revelations. According to him, these moments hold intrinsic value, making life truly worthwhile due to their occasional occurrence.

Learn how to Create Your Own AHA Moments.

Create Your Own AHA Moments

“I live in the land of delight – of just walking in the street, and the sun is shining, and I’m on my way to Starbucks and I’m feeling good. I also live for those AHA! moments when you understand something new when you see two things fitting together to make a surprising third. There’s actually a chemical that’s produced in the brain by learning that gives you that little ecstatic moment of, Oh, that’s why.” – Gloria Steinem

Whether or not you define a thought or experience as an AHA moment, I think you can agree that there are times when things come into alignment. Those ideas that pop into your head, the instinct to go in one direction or another, or just looking up and having something catch your eye and trigger us to pause.

Cultivating more AHA moments in your work and personal life often involves slowing down and listening.  A message on a billboard could be the catalyst for a new idea at work. Stopping and listening to the voices in your head could provide the answer to a troubling question that’s been nagging at you for weeks.  AHA moments can be found anywhere and my mission is to provide the tools you can use to discover them.  Book a free call and you might just find an AHA moment by the end.