Navigating Transitions: From Setbacks to Breakthroughs

AHA moments are a regular occurrence in my life. Someone recently asked the question, how does faith help me in tough times? My response was automatic. Tough times typically show up when I think I’ve reached a dead end. Or when I arrive at a crossroads where there doesn’t appear to be a “right” choice. These situations are what I refer to as setbacks or breakdowns after which follows a breakthrough.

You may recall my November 2023 blog on Leadership and Resilience where I write about the 5 Tips To Overcome Setbacks. It was such a powerful topic for me to write about because my chosen careers all tend to have a high level of rejection and risk associated. Facing setbacks and breakdowns are built-in components that go with the industry. One such setback triggered the writing of this series on transitions.

It is  January 10, 2022, when I receive an email from my trademark attorney letting me know the renewal paperwork with the US Patent and Trademark Office is due one year from now. “I went to your website and it does not appear as if you are using that mark to provide services anymore”, shares my attorney. This claim is baffling to me. “What do you mean I’m not using the mark? It’s printed on all my documents, on every page of my website, and is the name on the company checking account. There’s not a single example I know of that isn’t identified under Triple Axel Executive Coaching, LLC.”

What I do not realize is that the name is not in use for marketing in commerce. Aha, I fully understand the issue. Deer in the headlights! I feel my heart begin to race. Sweat breaks out on my forehead. The muscles in my neck and shoulders tense as I sense panic throughout my body as I learn the news. What do I do? This familiar question emerges from my thinking which fortunately leads into a series of steps that outline a transition in the making.

As each of the next nine months unfolds,  I begin the work of reimagining my website, determining a new color scheme, and figuring out an array of brand elements including the design of a new logo. For a moment I face the reality of time and a small fortune, gone. Now I’m overhauling my entire online presence to become compliant.

What I have to accomplish in order to make this pivot, is just about everything you are reading thus far in the sections leading up to this point. In one year I go through an in-depth transition to make the change from just to

Three days before the deadline for filing my trademark renewal paperwork I go live, as we say on the Net. For the next twelve months, I will go through an indescribable transformation, sparking this series on Transitions debuting  December 1, 2023.

Lesson Learned: Life is impermanent. As every moment passes we become more in touch with the reality that nothing stays the same. We must remain adaptable. Everything always changing is one of the most significant ways we know we are alive and living in the impermanence of the present moment. Avoiding change is to cease the action of living.

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