Create Your Own AHA Moments

“I live in the land of delight – of just walking in the street, and the sun is shining, and I’m on my way to Starbucks and I’m feeling good. I also live for those AHA! moments when you understand something new when you see two things fitting together to make a surprising third. There’s actually a chemical that’s produced in the brain by learning that gives you that little ecstatic moment of, Oh, that’s why.” – Gloria Steinem

Whether or not you define a thought or experience as an AHA moment, I think you can agree that there are times when things come into alignment. Those ideas that pop into your head, the instinct to go in one direction or another, or just looking up and having something catch your eye and trigger us to pause.

Cultivating more AHA moments in your work and personal life often involves slowing down and listening.  A message on a billboard could be the catalyst for a new idea at work. Stopping and listening to the voices in your head could provide the answer to a troubling question that’s been nagging at you for weeks.  AHA moments can be found anywhere and my mission is to provide the tools you can use to discover them.  Book a free call and you might just find an AHA moment by the end.