Founders Corner – Breaking Patterns

“We all require and want respect, man or woman, Black or White. It’s our basic human right.” These are the words from singer, songwriter and pianist, the late Aretha Franklin. Her music can often be heard coming from my classroom wherever in the world I’m developing leaders.

We begin February celebrating Black History month. We are also celebrating American Heart Month, Cancer Prevention Month, Valentine’s Day, and Self-Check Month. Also later in February we are celebrating National Entrepreneurship Week.

What’s the significance of these celebrations to Triple Axel Executive Coaching? Each celebration speaks to the anniversary of our February 2022 blog on Restorative Self-Care.

Here at Triple Axel Executive Coaching we urge you to tend to your heart, prevent cancer, love others and yourselves this valentines with a restorative self-care, self-check!

Hi, I’m Byron Darden welcoming you to another edition of Leading with Purpose on Purpose. In this installment of our continuing series on Transition our focus is on Breaking Patterns: The Neuroscience of Facing Change

The one constant in all our lives is change. So we’ll take deeper dive into how we’ve come to resist change. Then explore how to manage it more effectively and hopefully minimizing being triggered by it when change presents its inevitable face. Enjoy.

This month’s blog begins with Breaking Patterns: The Neuroscience of Facing Change.