Your Plan for Self-Care

It’s your turn.

Take a moment and list all the many types of self-care practices you have. Create a long list as possible of efforts you make to increase your overall well-being in five minutes.

Then on a blank piece of paper, create four columns at the top of which you will title with the topics, Mind, Body, Spirit, and Others. In each column, quickly identify which practices from your initial list are primarily in service to its topic. In some cases, a self-care practice you have may fit in more than one column. That is a perfectly reasonable outcome.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

ReadingWalking/RunningMeditationTake time to laugh
Taking a classYogaJournalingCall a friend
Taking a break from social mediaDancingVolunteer workTreat yourself
Listening to a podcastCrossfitEngage with a coachPaint

Let your imagination take hold, taking time to catalog all that you do to maintain or improve well-being. This is a vital step toward your ability to remain motivated and inspired to do what you have evidence of, being in your best interest and serving as an imperative in living a life that supports and delights you. Through the discipline of what we practice, we experience the freedom life promises when we keep ourselves whole and fully functional.