The Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a three to four-sentence summary that you can use to get someone interested in an idea, product, company, or what you have to offer. It can garner attention and open the doors to possibilities.

When I first began developing my elevator pitch back in 2015, when someone would ask: What do you do? My response went something like this…

“You know how someone who wants to go into business, might begin by earning an MBA? They would master creating and administering some type of business. Yet, not every MBA is as focused on the people side of a business. I help business leaders master the people side of an organization. It is the most underdeveloped, least attended to, and by far the most challenging aspect of a business.”

Evidence of that is the advent of artificial intelligence. Who needs to deal with people with AI at their fingertips? The thing about AI is it physically only requires your fingertips, jamming away on that keyboard, cranking out code to get what looks like a person, sounds like a person, seemingly responds like a person, and isn’t a person at all.

A slightly different and to-the-point elevator pitch I developed painted a picture of great necessity:

“While a business-minded person may go to college to earn an MBA to learn how to start a successful business, they come to me to learn how to keep the lights on in that business.”