Set Yourself Apart

Leadership Presence is the factor that sets a great leader apart from their peers.  According to a study by the think-tank Coqual, executive presence accounts for 26% of what it takes to get promoted into leadership positions.  Furthermore, 67% of senior executives feel that executive presence is a top factor when evaluating high-potential employees for advancement.

Two candidates working at the same company with MBAs from top schools, equal years of experience, and an impressive track record of results.  The difference comes down to leadership presence. 

  • Which candidate takes command of the room or a meeting just by showing up?
  • Which candidate listens, learns, and then makes informed, thoughtful, confident choices?
  • Which candidate has earned the respect of their colleagues and the public?
  • Which candidate strives to better themselves?

Everything else being equal, the platform skills make a difference.

When choosing someone for a leadership position, the words confident, decisive, and commanding come to mind.  When you want to exude these qualities, here’s one bit of insight:

Consider the avoidance of following up a statement with the word “but…” It negates whatever was said prior and tends to create a sensation of withdrawal and a sense of dread. No matter what the grammar rules may lead us to believe that the word is absolutely appropriate in some settings, the impact of the word can feel like a punch in the gut for the listener.