My Reaction to Change

I recall a time, not very long ago when I too experienced the temporary setback that comes from facing change and the unknown that accompanies it. I’d begun working on a certification to enhance my coaching when I discovered there was more to the curriculum than I originally thought. The process required much more time than I allotted. 

Not having had eyes on the extent of what I’d agreed to and thought I was finished with the coursework, I began working on my MBA. Weeks after the course began, I discovered I was nowhere near done with the first certification and now I had committed to the rigor of a Masters in Business Administration. In addition, I was also facing a huge marketing project for my coaching work and barely had time to sleep and study. By the time I finished my MBA, the coursework for the certification, and reached the halfway point of my marketing project, I hit rock bottom. I knew I had to implement some type of recovery plan. 

What did I do? 

I didn’t strike out for Disneyland! Instead, I dropped everything and decided to visit my family. 12 days of nothing except family and close family friends, I immersed myself in the familiar company of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Doing so did not help matters at work because I was getting further behind. Yet those twelve days made a huge difference in restoring my energy and providing me time for plenty of rest with high doses of relaxation and laughter. 

I was also planning a trip to Egypt that was thwarted by compromises I did not want to accept. Instead, I postponed my trip and went to France for a week with one of my cousins. Did that help me get ahead? No! Yet, by doing the unthinkable and getting away, I was able to return to work and sense a renewal of my spirit and energy that I desperately needed to cope. All of that to say, sometimes pushing forward is the most unproductive choice we can make when what we really need is a break.

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