The ART of Listening: Impact on Relationship Building

In a world filled with constant activity as well as increasing distractions and competing demands for our attention, the skill of truly listening has become increasingly more important.  Listening goes beyond merely hearing words; it involves actively processing and comprehending the message being conveyed. It requires attention, empathy, and genuine interest in understanding the speaker’s perspective. 

Listening with our whole self means being fully present and attentive; listening with our ears and including our hearts and minds. It means setting aside distractions, suspending judgment in exchange for curiosity, and genuinely investing ourselves in understanding the speaker’s message. This holistic approach fosters deeper connections, builds trust, and cultivates empathy, fostering stronger relationships both personally and professionally.

This month, we explore how each of our senses allows us to become effective listeners, the different styles of listening, why it’s so important to listen with our whole self, and how we can practice deeper listening skills with others and with ourselves

Learn how to Be Present.