Shift Your Focus

While ERGs have been around for decades, their focus has changed. What was once focused on diversity and inclusion, more recent studies reveal a heightened focus on organizational challenges. Now the aim is more on leadership development, innovation, and change management, our sweet spot here at Triple Axel Executive Coaching.

Move Away From    Move More Toward
Exclusivity on IndividualsInclusivity in Organizational Change
Focused on Racial tensionFocused on Alienated Workers
You Fit UsWe Fit One Another
Career StagnationLeadership Development
Hidden AdvancementOpen Advancement
Working in SiloWorking in Community
Physical DisabilitiesDisability Inclusivity
What’s Wrong/RightWhat’s Working/Needs Work
Limiting LanguageGenerative Language

Now with greater attention focused on making the workplace an inviting environment for employees, drawing on the strength of ERGs is an executive’s wellspring of knowledge and insight that leads to positive changes making a difference in organizations.

By valuing and collaborating with ERGs, organizations can build a stronger and more resilient workforce, leading to increased productivity, innovation, and overall success. Sounds progressive, and yet, just how innovative do company leaders wish their organization to be? Particularly when the focus seems more on the status quo as long as it increases the bottom line. After all, creating an environment for change necessary for innovation to flourish can be risky.