Reframing Your Beliefs

Reframe by Byron Darden

Changing often involves rewriting the stories we’ve been told or lessons we’ve been taught. You’ve probably heard the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”, meaning that there are finite financial resources and that you’ll need to work hard and say no to a lot of things and experiences to be successful in life when defined by the amount of money you have. This phrase limits your beliefs about abundance. Here are some more examples of well-known phrases and alternative ways to reframe these beliefs:

Instead of Consider This
At the end of the dayWhen the sun sets
Think outside the boxPush the walls of the box out
Bring to the tableShare your thoughts
Break down the silosWork together
Ducks in a rowCome prepared
Push the envelopeTest the limits
Pain PointChallenge
Circle BackLet’s Revisit This
Keep Me in the LoopProvide regular updates 
On my RadarIn my Focus

Reframing is a useful approach when you are feeling stuck. It allows you to imagine a larger variety of outcomes, and connect with others on a different level. Reframing allows you to shift from a mindset of judgment to one of curiosity. Once you get a different perspective on change, you can adapt to it more easily.

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