Leadership and Resilience: Bouncing Back from Setbacks

Think about a time when things didn’t go quite as planned.  It could be something as small as missing the bus to work. Or something bigger – like preparing weeks for a presentation and once you got up in front of the group, they changed the parameters, scraped the project, or completely rejected your ideas. 

We’ve all been there. Recently, I had a family emergency that required travel across the country. My priorities were not questioned; however, the trip threw my business life into a tailspin – missed classes, calls, invoices, and deadlines. Once I shifted my focus back to business and checked my emails and texts, I experienced what could have felt like overwhelmed, making me want to crawl up into a ball and go to sleep. It turned out to be a time of great learning and inspiration to write this month’s blog.

Bouncing back from setbacks, whether due to self-imposed expectations, the guilt of disappointing others, or losing a client or a job, is a test of your resilience.