From the Ice to the Boardroom

Many of my readers know of my four decades in the sport of figure skating. I refer to that time often in my work because those forty years were all about how to make smooth transitions. 

At the core of figure skating is the transition from one edge to another, from one stroke of one blade on the ice to the next stroke of the other blade on the ice. Everything I learned in figure skating is about mastering the transition of weight from one part of the body or edge to another, as seamlessly and as controlled as possible.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from skating and applied it to coaching executives on how to make changes in their behavior that will inspire change in the outcome of their leadership. When they see the benefit, they also find it easier to maintain the shift they’ve made. 

You will notice that Triple Axel executive coaching is also in transition. Over the next several months you will notice changes we are making – from our new website to our new offerings – and to how we interact with you and all our clients in making your experience one that is meaningful, fruitful and will increase the bottom line of business in order to continue surviving and thriving.