Conscious Leadership

Conscious leadership emphasizes self-awareness, authenticity, and a deep understanding of the impact of one’s actions on others and the organization.  Leaders can become more conscious of their impact by considering these behaviors.

Move Away FromMove Toward
Emotional ReactivityEmotional Intelligence Responses
Acting on ImpulseMindfulness
Hiding Behind a FacadeAuthenticity
Self-LeadershipServant Leadership
Gray AreasEthical Decision Making
Task-oriented LeadershipPurpose Driven Leadership
ComplacencyContinuous Learning
Internal FocusSocial and Environmental Responsibility
IndividualismCollaboration and Inclusivity

After awareness comes action. Conscious leadership involves recognizing when employees need extra support and providing resources for them to release stress.  

Here is a mindfulness activity to help you begin training the mind to strengthen your resolve in how you respond to traumatic situations.

  • Find a comfortable chair or cushion to sit on that you might lay on the ground
  • Should you be in a chair, have your feet flat on the floor, and hands in your lap hold an erect yet not stiff posture
  • Once you get settled, close your eyes and begin paying close attention to the breath
  • Say to yourself, ‘Breathe in, I feel my body. Breathe out, I feel my body
  • Begin with your feet performing a body scan sensing each part of your body as you move your focus to the crown of the head
  • Say to yourself, ‘Breathe in, I calm my body. Breathe out, I calm my body
  • Should you start thinking, acknowledge the thinking, and like a helium balloon, let go of the string and the thought, allowing it to float away, returning your attention to the breath
  • No need to judge yourself for thinking. That is what the mind does.